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this is a spoken word album - it is personal and a first time thing in this format for me.

please don't criticize too harshly.

I'm Oliver Mattson.

A former kid actor from the 70s ... no...


I do spoken word tapes and mini albums via recording voicemail or message machine talks that i leave on peoples machines at odd hours of the night, and give them my brains. i some times get them back.

here's what happens.

i was from hollywood. i would like to be in games. i do an occasional segment on The Spoon with TV's Robbie Rist (cousin oliver- the brady bunch, sharknado, doc mcstuffins, iron eagle), Chris Jackson, Thom Bowers, and their guests on thespoonradio.com i'm only on there occasionally and you'lll have to look up which episodes have "Oliver The Place", in them.

I not only did acting and currently do spoken word and rants,... I also write, sing, (attempt), dance (attempt), and do art, am a business consultant and love to listen to jazz, play video games, and write all the time. As well as psychedelic Rock, Yacht Rock, and much much more.

would love to do voices and songs for RPGS, action, arcade likes, roguelikes, and tons more,.



show me what you're doing with my stuff, and if possible, maybe lets make a few bucks some day, best wishes.


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1 intro and warning.mp3 123 kB
2 mi familia.mp3 185 kB
3 holidays.mp3 281 kB
4 depression and shrinks part one.mp3 351 kB
5 depression and shrinks part two.mp3 246 kB
6 voting and politicks.mp3 185 kB
7 moms casino fever.mp3 213 kB
8 D n R.mp3 296 kB
9 Virginia Palange.mp3 196 kB
10 character asassination.mp3 231 kB
11 finding low.mp3 256 kB
12 sPeed kiLLs aka im no good with heisenberg.mp3 353 kB
13 the anime and gaming club 93 to 95.mp3 293 kB
14 at least say maybe dedicated to a and j.mp3 243 kB
15 do your homework.mp3 207 kB
16 religion.mp3 108 kB
17 swearing.mp3 212 kB
18 quality control.mp3 205 kB
20 Anime.mp3 215 kB
21 music.mp3 199 kB